Why Organic Juju?

Organic Juju = natural magic


Natural Magic is in your backyard, and I aim to support local producers, and offer you quality products that pass through minimal hands to get to you. I have found growers who are recovering from bush fire in 2017, who have minimal stock as they rebuild, and another grower who only gets to town to post once a week, these are the people who keep the quality high, they are dealing with the reality of living & growing in the Australian environment.

Please enjoy these oils with care as they naturally raise your vibration & cleanse your energy. The added benefit is felt in your immune system, as your nervous system is soothed & defences boosted.

Aromatically pure regards, 

Juli –Organic Juju

photo credit - Juli Silich, Lemon Myrtle plantation, Purity Essential Oils, Goomboorian, Qld, May 2019

Experience and Professionalism


I completed my Certification in Clinical Aromatherapy with the Institute of Spiritual Healing & Aromatherapy (USA) in 2014. My introduction to using essential oils was with Young Living in 2006.

I have used essential oils extensively in my homes, moving them to chemical free living spaces, and in my 10 year career at Kahuna Mist Massage & Movement as a massage therapist/kahuna bodyworker, both on myself, my spouse & my animals. 

Everything you need is in your backyard


Australia has an ancient landscape, with the perfect flora to support us whilst we live here. By choosing to shop from producers who nurture this land, we offer nourishment to this aging continent. And choosing to shop from retailers who make this choice means that your experience can be a little more streamlined & environmentally satisfying.

photo credit-Juli Silich, Queensland Bottle Tree, camping Dukes Plain, July 2019